Mission of the Month

Family House

    We would like to introduce you to the August Mission of the Month which is Family House. Family House is in Toledo and is a non-profit agency that is dedicated to keeping families together in times of crisis. It was started in 1985 and on average, provides services to approximately 800 individuals annually, 70% of which are children.

    Family House’s goal is to be able to provide shelter, food, and basic needs to homeless families. They want to be able to teach these families how to get their needs met on their own. They offer a structured program in a secure, drug/alcohol/weapon-free facility. Family House takes in families 24 hours a day. Whether a family has been displaced by natural disasters such as flood, fire or tornadoes or someone is a victim of domestic violence, they are there to help.

    Starting in 2014 Family House was able to open up a kitchen to provide home cooked meals during the week. They work with community partners to provide this service for those who need it. Family House takes pride in being able to provide healthy, nutritious meals to those who may not otherwise have one.

    As their name implies, Family House is centered on the family whether it be a single-parent, grandparents or grandchildren, or otherwise. They want to offer help to these families by helping them reconstruct their sense of control over his or her own life. They are there to empower families in need and you can be there to help them do just that.